life with eliot pearl | our baby is here!

four weeks! eliot pearl was delivered four weeks ago today. the time is flying by, which is sad.

with lillian, i remember being so ready for the next stage – whatever that was. when i was pregnant, i was ready for her to be born. when she was a newborn, i was ready for her to grow up a little. to sleep more. to breastfeed better. to start doing tummy time. to sit up. to crawl. to stand up. to talk. to walk. only recently did i stop and really think to myself – holy crow. she is growing up too fast. my baby is now my little girl. that hurts.

i don’t want lillian to grow up. of course, i am excited that she is growing and learning and thriving and coming into her own. but, i miss having her as my little one. my constant companion.

i guess that’s why i grew a new one 😉

eliot pearl is the best thing since sliced bread. she is ridiculously adorable. her hair is dark and wild. her eyes are wide and curious. her arms are long and skinny, as are her legs (earning her the nickname “skinny legs”). her fingers and toes are also long and skinny (no surprise there). she craves contact. she wants to be held and loved. even at night. especially at night. (yes, she sleeps with me. whatever. she loves it and i do too and we all sleep. yay for sleep).

lillian is a wonderful big sister. i worried about how she would respond. but, as usual, she has exceeded my expectations. she enjoys having baby eliot around. she likes to do things to help us take care of the baby – especially picking out which diaper baby eliot will wear next (baby eliot’s favorites are the ones with the birds according to lillian) and bringing her her pacifier. she also enjoys talking to baby eliot (baby eliot’s voice is very high-pitched fyi). seeing lillian adapt to her role as a big sister (and make the role her own) has been one of the highlights of having eliot join our family.

we are all very much in love with this baby. and, knowing how fast they grow up, i plan to do my very best to savor every moment of her little life.

life with two kids is crazy. and hectic. but good. so very good. we are very blessed.

littles at the hospital after putting on the socks they so kindly required me to wear during recovery: