sharing is caring | happy valentine’s day


today, liz and baby june came over for a visit. lillian loved on baby june a ton. while liz and i were in the other room (only for a second and just around the corner- don’t judge!), lillian “shared” her new dump trunk with baby june. she also shared doggy dog (he’s under the dump). baby june took it all in stride. hilarious.

he works hard while i stuff my face | round one

this weekend was almost completely business-free for me (which is totally not normal). so, after i put lillian to bed last night, i gorged on williams-sonoma peppermint bark while watching harry potter. towards the end of this slightly pathetic laziness fest, bradford – who went into work earlier in the day – texts:

“on my way home in cab”

i keep right on eating and pondering what my life would be like if i could wake up one day and find myself at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.

then, i think to myself, didn’t he drive the car into work? after confirming that he did, indeed, drive himself into work in our family car, i call him to break the news.

me “hey. you in a cab?” him “yeah. on the way.” me “you drove the car to work today.” him to cabbie “sir, can you take me back to work.”

poor bradford. he works hard. but, someone has to keep the pantry stocked with peppermint bark – right?