an egg hunt | happy easter!

our new baby is coming tomorrow – yes, that’s right – tomorrow! (can you believe it? because, i can’t). i promise to try and keep everyone updated (try being the operative word).

it goes without saying that i won’t be a big participant in easter weekend. so, we have been celebrating easter for the last few weeks instead. liz and allen hosted an easter egg hunt and brunch for the girls a few weekends ago, which was a blast. the girls are growing up. it couldn’t be funnier watching them interact these days. they actually play together and carry on conversations with each other, which is a spectacle to say the least. they are truly b.f.f.s

some pictures –

spring has sprung | our new old house

we spent the weekend in our yard. the city of arlington delivered a huge (seriously, huge!) pile of mulch to us a few weeks ago (which resulted in my making a “mulch madness” joke that bradford found pitiful at best), and we figured it was now or never on getting the yard work done.

you see, we have a gorgeous yard. we do. or, at least, it used to be gorgeous. no less than three independent sets of neighbors have commented that it is/once was the best garden in the hood. talk about pressure.

i know little to nothing about gardening. bradford is no better off. but, we are determined to pay homage to our new old house’s previous owners by lovingly tending the yard just as they did (or trying to at least).

i felt a little like mary lennox tending this yard, except that i lack a dickon.

on a side note – lillian seems to have recovered. thanks to all for the concern! exhibit a:

we have so many amazing plants and flowers in our yard. it seems something will be in bloom all spring/summer, which is just fantastic. i look forward to seeing what our yard truly holds once everything has a chance to bloom. (i must admit, i had many “is this a weed or is this supposed to be here” moments today while weeding. when in doubt i left it alone.) here are some things currently abloom.

and, our yard bunny. i see him once or twice every other day or so. i think he lives under our porch. littles has named him “rabbit.”