recipe share | cause cooking is good and eating is better

lately, i have been branching out a bit in the kitchen, and i thought i would share a few recipes that have turned out to be delish.

as most of you know, only recently did i become the family cook. bradford used to hold this title, but then he started working at the firm. i thought it a reasonable expectation that i should step up. so, i did.

but, to be honest, i only recently started to enjoy cooking (thanks “julie and julia” for the inspiration). and, i am far from being in a love affair with the kitchen. i would say that we enjoy each other’s company on occasion, but that, more often than not, we tolerate each other and look on the bright side of things.

i don’t mind fixing a meal. what i don’t like is planning a menu. there are too many obstacles to overcome. first, we don’t eat meat. that’s a limitation when planning a menu. second, littles is allergic to eggs. unfortunate. another limitation. finally, i insist on shopping at whole foods where a bag of grapes can set you back $13 (yes, i have had a $13 bag of grapes “incident” at the whole foods). whole foods – i love you and i hate you. the end.

see some of the problem?

let me just move on to the recipe share.

pasta caprese.

simple. classic. delicious. (hints – cherry tomatoes substitute well for heirloom tomatoes if you, like me, insist on making this out of season. use fresh mozzarella – makes all the difference.)

brussels sprout and caramelized shallot gratin

could be eaten as a side dish or as a meal (add a piece of thick bread for this purpose?)

i love brussels sprout. but, even if you think you don’t, you should try this – yum!

coconut red lentil soup

we are almost done with soup weather, but, what the heck. this is tasty!

baked rigatoni with kale

seriously yummy. seriously. don’t like kale, substitute any leafy green (although, the kale in this tastes magical).

and, if that’s not enough leafy greens for you, try

garlic-roasted garbanzos & chard over polenta

my friend liz (who is a hair’s width short of being a master chef in my opinion) cooked this for us one night. the explosion of flavor in this dish is surprising. super duper tasty. i had to make it myself the very next week. and, it was even delicious when i made it! try it.

finally, i couldn’t recipe share without tossing in a pioneer woman recipe. although i don’t worship at her alter as frequently as i used to, i am still in love.

vegetarian lettuce wraps

simple. quick. cheap. delicious.

make sure to use extra firm tofu. (don’t be scared, tofu won’t bite!)

that’s it for now (i have to go start dinner!). enjoy!


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