guest stars | the past few weeks

over the past few weeks, we have entertained several visitors (yay!).

ashley and ryan came to visit shortly after lillian and i recovered from our respective illnesses. (lucky for us, ryan frequently works out of arlington (and ashley’s job provides the flexibility of working remotely). even luckier still, his digs while he stays in arlington are literally two blocks away. two blocks!! hooray for our new home!)

anyway, we had a large time with the two of them. (i haven’t laughed so much in quite a long time.) seriously, their visit couldn’t have come at a better time. (my extended sickness had really gotten me down in the dumps.)

lillian almost exploded with excitement several times during their visit. it helps that she might have one (or both) of them wrapped around her finger.

(watching lillian command a “march” around the house with ashley and ryan following obediently behind – seriously a sight.)

thanks to ashley and ryan for visiting and for tolerating our sometimes rather mundane life with a two year old crazy person. your visit meant so much to us. come back soon!

(or, even better, move here . . . )

julie (aka “juju”) also came to visit. lillian couldn’t have been happier to see her. (below image serves as exhibit a: she almost climbed out the window to get to her when the cab pulled up!)

during julie’s visit, we headed to glen echo park to see a puppet show, which turned out to be amazing. the show – peter and the wolf – featuredĀ marionettes, and a sole puppeteer narrated and handled all of the puppets. lillian couldn’t get enough. we plan to go back soon for showings of rapunzel and pinnocchio. (if you live in the area, you should seriously consider attending a show. fun was had by all.)

needless to say, we enjoyed having julie visit (her first visit to our new home!). it is always good to see family (and friends) and to have them in our home.

more family visits are scheduled for april (when baby number 2 arrives). to all of you who haven’t officially rsvp’d to the “come to the hardin family home in april and meet our newest offspring” party, you are still welcome. come. visit us. seriously…

until next time. xo.

sharing is caring | happy valentine’s day


today, liz and baby june came over for a visit. lillian loved on baby june a ton. while liz and i were in the other room (only for a second and just around the corner- don’t judge!), lillian “shared” her new dump trunk with baby june. she also shared doggy dog (he’s under the dump). baby june took it all in stride. hilarious.

and we’re back in business | knock on wood

you guys. january is gone. and, half of february is now gone as well. instead of dwelling on the fact that i have, thus far, spent 2012 in a complete fog (seriously, where did january go?), i plan on forging ahead with joy, determination, and hope that the rest of february and march will be filled with productivity and a little bit of fun.

we finally feel better around here. thanks be to god. just when i thought i couldn’t take another day of it, the clouds lifted. yes! thanks to everyone who kept checking in with us. and, an apology to everyone i have neglected. if you are still out there friends, be in touch! let’s reconnect.

another post will follow pretty close behind this one, but, for now, that’s it. there is a box of georgetown cupcakes sitting on my counter and at least three of them are calling to me. (yes, three…judge me if you will. it will not change how much i enjoy them ;)). i can ignore them no longer.

happy monday.

and that was me speaking too soon | the sick house


i am sicker than ever. lillian is still recovering. but, i feel cruddy. my doctor, while having much sympathy for my condition, basically said “tough it out.” yuck.

january – you kicked my butt in a million different ways. february – i had hope for you. high hopes. but, we are not off to a great start here. please, remedy this situation stat.

i hope that all of you are healthy.