he works hard while i stuff my face | round one

this weekend was almost completely business-free for me (which is totally not normal). so, after i put lillian to bed last night, i gorged on williams-sonoma peppermint bark while watching harry potter. towards the end of this slightly pathetic laziness fest, bradford – who went into work earlier in the day – texts:

“on my way home in cab”

i keep right on eating and pondering what my life would be like if i could wake up one day and find myself at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.

then, i think to myself, didn’t he drive the car into work? after confirming that he did, indeed, drive himself into work in our family car, i call him to break the news.

me “hey. you in a cab?” him “yeah. on the way.” me “you drove the car to work today.” him to cabbie “sir, can you take me back to work.”

poor bradford. he works hard. but, someone has to keep the pantry stocked with peppermint bark – right?

and she’s off | littles gets a bike

we got lillian a bicycle for christmas. it’s what she wanted.

balance bikes are huge up here. we see them everywhere we go. lillian has been paying attention, because, for a few weeks, she has been saying that she wanted a bicycle for christmas – a blue one.

i, for one, loved that she asked for a bike and couldn’t wait to unveil it on “christmas morning.” when we did, she was less stoked about the bike than she was about all of her other gifts – probably because we didn’t immediately take it outside and play with it (after all, the sun still wasn’t up . . . ). but, when we did take it on a test run, she couldn’t have been happier. after one ride around the neighborhood, she seems comfortable with it, but hasn’t mastered the balancing act quite yet. she will soon enough. then, she will be unstoppable!

here are a few quick pics of littles with her new blue bike (which appears purple in these images  – i assure you that it is blue) and her toy story helmet (safety first people!).

[this is now the face i get when i ask her to smile]

christmas morning | a note to littles

dearest littles,

this morning was “christmas morning” at our house. next weekend, we will travel to alabama to visit with family (where you will, no doubt, be gloriously overwhelmed with affection). so, we decided to have our own little christmas celebration early.

it was wonderful.

you woke us up bright and early. well, it wasn’t very bright, because the sun was not yet awake. but, it was early. and, your face made it bright. we tried to ignore you for a little while, because we were sleepy. but, finally, you said “excuse me guys,” which made us laugh. we caved. (had we not, you would most certainly have asked, “are you ignoring me,” which is also hilarious).

i brought you into our bed to watch a “toon.” i desperately wanted to wait until the sun came up to go downstairs, because, as you know, i am obsessed with “the right light” for photographs and didn’t want this christmas to go as undocumented as the last did. but, you wouldn’t wait long. we headed downstairs in the dark. this is why only one image from “christmas morning 2011” exists (other than those of you riding your bike).

you got so excited when you saw all the gifts. they were piled high on the dining room table under our tiny table-top christmas tree. (we went for the table-top tree this year because (a) we are leaving town soon and won’t be here for weeks and (b) last year’s tree situation was a disaster that we still haven’t recovered from.) you love everything about our small tree. of course, i stuffed a stocking for you last night, so it waited there too – full of goodies.

as an aside, your grammie loves doing stockings. i looked forward to my stocking every year (which was always bursting with marvelous and thoughtful surprises) when i was a kid. i definitely got the need to stuff a great christmas stocking from her – so you should thank her the next time you see her.

you unloaded your stocking first and, within the first ten minutes of christmas morning, managed to eat two pieces of chocolate and demand a sucker. wowza. but, we let you, because its christmas.

you saw your bike next. it is blue, just as you requested. you weren’t nearly as pleased as i had hoped you would be. i think you were just overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff around. later, when we took you out to ride it, your excitement did not disappointment.

you loved all of your gifts. your dad picked out a counting and sorting game for you that turned out to be a huge hit. i don’t know why we didn’t expect this – it consists of a ton of small, plastic, colorful bears with matching cups to sort them into. fun stuff. once again, your dad proved that he is incredibly good at being a father – completely thoughtful and, i will admit it, a bit all-knowing (which is a bit annoying). moving on.

it was a wonderful christmas morning. we had blueberry pancakes and fruit. you had candy. and more candy. and, then, some more candy. you played with all of your new toys in a very diplomatic way – giving each of them time to be your new favorite. and, when it was time to ride your bike, you thrilled us with your energy, excitement, fearlessness, and sense of adventure.

in conclusion, i love you a ton. maybe i love you more than i should, because sometimes i feel like my heart will burst with pride and happiness. (this is, perhaps, balanced out by the times that i feel like i want to throw you out a window or move to tahiti, but let’s not talk about that right now). you bring me and your dad such joy. love fills our home and our hearts. thank you for that.

merry christmas littles mckgee.

love, me