could my life be any more full? i think not.

today i thankful for my life and its many blessings – small and large.

my family of three is growing into a family of four. i will have another baby girl in a few short months!!

my marriage is a strong one. my husband is hard-working, supportive, caring, respectful, loving and, in all things, a partner.

my daughter is a constant source of sheer joy. i am thankful for her laughter, her wit, her independence, and her wisdom. at two, she has taught me so much.

i am thankful for my extended family – their health and happiness mean the world to me.

i am thankful for friendship – old and new.

i am thankful for my business – for what it brings to my life and allows me to give back to my family.

i am thankful for our new home (we just had our offer accepted yesterday!!).

i am thankful for all of the small moments that happen everyday that make me laugh, make me wonder, make me respect, make me breathe deeply – make me truly live!!!

i am filled with thanks. my life is so full. i am blessed with more than i probably deserve – but, i will take it.

happy to-furkey day.


bump smitten | let me brag


i just got the most exciting news! one of lily B photography’s newborn & maternity sessions is being featured on bump smitten today.

i can’t tell you how excited this makes me. i do apologize for the brag – but, i consider this an achievement. so, i am going to share- shamelessly.

you can check it out here:


don’t let the pigeon drive the bus! | mo willems obsession

recently, littles received “Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale” as a gift (thanks Brittany!), and we have been completely obsessed with author Mo Willems ever since. in short, this book is true to life and pretty hilarious. normally, i am not a huge fan of the “daddy knows nothing/man is stupid” angle in books, commercials, tv shows, etc. (another post for another day) but, for some reason, this book doesn’t bother me a bit (although it does play that card). the illustrations are expressive and captivating. i just love it.

apparently, there is a whole series of Knuffle Bunny books that documents the trials and tribulations of Trixie and her special stuffed animal. i am certain that we will end up with most, if not all, of them after the holidays.

Mo writes more than just Knuffle Bunny books. we have also fallen head over heels for his Pigeon series. we checked “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” out from the library a few weeks ago, and Lillian has read it every night since. the Pigeon is a completely loony and adorable character and the books are just so cute. we heart them.

(i should mention that we lucked up and got a signed copy of “Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late” the other day at our favorite toy store in Arlington – hip hip hooray (you know how i am about signed copies!)).

maybe part of the reason we love them so much – each has a “screaming” line that is to be read loudly. lillian memorizes most of her books and reads them to herself at night in bed. bradford and i both usually work a bit at night. things are quiet, we are working away, and, all of a sudden, Lillian screams –  “DONT LET THE PIGEON DRIVE THE BUS!!!!!”  Hilarious.

anyway, if you have a kid, and you don’t know about Mo Willems yet (or, you don’t have any of these books yet), you need to remedy that pronto. trust me on this.

it’s a girl | a sister for littles!

well. it’s a girl.

i must admit, i’m not shocked. i had this feeling that the tummy dweller was a girl. before yea ole sonogram confirmed it this morning, i was confident. i just knew. and, i wasn’t disappointed in the least.

many of you know that i have been not-so-secretly aching for a little boy since before the littles arrived on the scene, but, rest assured, i am completely and totally at peace with having another wonderful little girl.

so, bring on the pink (well, not so much – maybe purple or green or yellow or any of those other good colors…you know i am a little iffy on the pink).

so, inevitably, you will think to ask – do you have any names? yes, we do have names, although we haven’t settled on one yet. funny, we had the boy name all ready to go (being that it was a leftover from the days of expecting the first of unknown gender). we have plenty of girl’s names on the list, but haven’t found the one. and, to be honest, i’m not sure we are going to share her name until she is born. so there. (i let you know her gender this time at least . . . i have to keep something to myself).

as for our change of heart about finding out the gender from the last pregnancy to this one – this time just feels different. and, it is different in so many ways. i needed to know what this little one was before she came busting onto the scene. i wanted to be able to get lillian used to the idea of a “baby sister” or a “baby brother.” and, i wanted to get myself used to the idea of another girl or a first boy. as many know, i was a little shocked last time to learn that a daughter had been born. i was expecting a son. of course, i loved lillian instantly and grew to like her over time (it didn’t take long), but i wonder if it all would have been easier had i known what was coming (known she was coming). maybe. maybe not.

but, now, we know. a baby sister is on the way!

sleeping beauty | waking the beast

littles mckgeezy sleeps like a champ at nap time. seriously, she sleeps like it’s her job. no, likes it’s her passion – her life’s work.

i can put her down at 1PM, and she will sleep until I wake her up at 5:30PM. yeah, you read that right – I have to wake her up at 5:30PM. 

we call her rip van lily.

she can sleep through lawn mowing, construction, and all kinds of loud outdoor (and indoor) noises. its amazing. i think she gets it from me.

she is asleep right now. and, when i finally climb the stairs to wake her, it will be like waking a beast. first, she ignores me. then, she says “NO!” and turns over. then she starts crying. then she tells me to go away. then, finally, i just pick her up and bring her downstairs. she is never happy about this.

exhibit A:

a late night convo with doggie dog | overheard


“what’s the problem doggie dog? you really tired? it’s okay.”

“you got stuff on you. it’s okay. i’m just cleaning off your face.”

“it’s okay dogford. it’ll feel better.”

“doggie dog. you’re so silly. oh. i love you doggie. come here. come to lillian.”

“what’s the problem? uh huh. it’s alright. i banged myself. but, it was an accident. it’s okay dogford. you want a blanket? i will get a blanket for you.”

and, then she sings him a song – in hebrew.

the end.